BoxWave Rejuva PowerPack Solar Charger

We're all using smartphones and other electronic devices more and more; they're quickly becoming a vital necessity in our daily lives. Keeping devices charged while we're out and about is also becoming important; the BoxWave Rejuva Solar PowerPack allows you to keep your device charged anytime, anywhere, using only the free, clean power of the sun.

With the Solar Rejuva's 1800 mAh fully rechargeable battery pack, a dead smartphone will become a thing of the past.

Use the Solar Rejuva PowerPack Anywhere!

The days of searching high and low for an electrical outlet to plug a device into are over! The BoxWave Solar Rejuva PowerPack will charge smartphones (and other similar devices) anywhere the sun is shining.

For use indoors, the solar panel has a residue-free, reusable adhesive that allows it to be applied directly to a window facing the sun for direct solar charging. (Don't worry if the sun's not shining; the PowerPack's USB can also be plugged into any regular outlet .)

Depending on the device, a full charge can be obtained in full sunlight in anywhere from 8 to 10 hours (fully empty battery to fully charged.)

Outside, simply put the solar charging panel in the sun and let it do its work.

For 100% green power, a device can be left plugged in to the Rejuva Solar PowerPack while in the sun to provide constant solar charging.

The Many Uses of the BoxWave Rejuva Solar PowerPack

Green homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce dependence on polluting fossil fuels. Solar energy is the ultimate form of renewable energy, so harnessing it to charge our increasingly popular smartphone devices makes sense from a green perspective. As we continue to rely on our devices more and more, we are also needing to charge them more frequently. Using a solar charger such as the Rejuva PowerPack, even for only some of the device's charges, takes us a small step down the road to a more renewable and sustainable energy future.

For homeowners who are already using renewable energy systems to provide some or all of their home's power needs, a smaller device charger like the Rejuva Solar PowerPack can provide supplemental power to the main system, reducing its overall load.

The BoxWave Solar Rejuva PowerPack is perfect for any situation. The PowerPack can provide a convenient, simple to use battery backup for occasional use in emergency situations (we've all had the dead battery blues!)

The Solar Rejuva PowerPack is also an ideal solution if you are going to be spending time in areas where conventional electrical charging isn't readily available. It's perfect for camping, hiking, traveling,beach trips... anywhere you need a charge, the Solar Rejuva PowerPack will be there, ready to go to work!

The PowerPack also provides critical charging power in times of emergency when the electrical grid is down. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes.... any kind of natural disaster. Knowing that you'll never be without a charged smartphone is a comforting feeling.

The BoxWave Rejuva Solar PowerPack costs about $40, and can be purchased through Amazon at the link below.


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