WakaWaka POWER Solar Smartphone Charger

By Robert Andrews

WakaWaka Solar Charging Unit
Almost all of us have a smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device that we rely on all day (sometimes all night) to stay connected, do business, play games, watch music, listen to music....the list goes on. All of this usage takes a toll on our devices batteries. The WakaWaka POWER charger uses the power of the sun to quickly recharge batteries with the free energy from the sun.

WakaWaka POWER Charger

As smart devices become more and more ubiquitous, the ability to charge them conveniently, especially when we're on the go, becomes critical. There are many solar chargers becoming available , and they're getting better all the time. Case in point: the WakaWaka POWER solar charging unit, a small, affordable charger that can charge a variety of devices, from cellphones to iPads.

WakaWaka: Rugged and Portable

Having free, ample battery power available at all times (it runs on AC power when the sun's not shining) benefits anyone who uses a rechargeable electronic device. Many solar chargers available are large or bulky, making portability an issue. The WakaWaka POWER is small (it's pocket-sized) , light (only 7 ounces!) and rugged; it (water-resistant ruggedization) can be taken just about anywhere. Its design allows it to be used on a tabletop or hung from a ceiling.

WakaWaka POWER Charging Unit: Quick, Free Solar Power

The small solar charging panel in the WakWaka POWER works very quickly to charge your device. The WakaWaka's patented solar chip technology is 200% more efficient than other solar chargers. The POWER will charge any smartphone or USB-enabled cell phone, among other devices, in only about two hours. .

Charge Plus Light with the WakaWaka POWER Charging Unit

While the WakaWaka's portability and quick-charging capability would be enough, the unit also provides light when and where you need it. The WakaWaka not only can charge your phone in two hours, it will also provide up to 10 hours of bright LED light. It features five different light modes, including an SOS beacon for emergencies.

WakaWaka: Power When You Need It

WakaWaka Solar Charging Unit


Whether you're running around for business, shuttling kids around town, or escaping into the woods for a campout, the WakaWaka POWER is a great way to power the devices that keep you connected.

WakaWaka's Mission

The company behind the WakaWaka POWER charger was created with a specific mission: to provide clean, affordable light and power to the 1.3 billion people on the planet who currently don't have access to these most basic of needs, or have to rely on dirty, polluting, unhealthy technology.

As a company, WakaWaka strives to bring renewable non-polluting light and energy to as many people as possible, around the world.

As part of their mission, the WakaWaka Foundation works to bring energy solutions to people living in what they call energy poverty worldwide.

With every purchase of any WakaWaka product, including the POWER charging unit, WakaWaka donates $10 to the WakaWaka Foundation to further their important work. According to WakaWaka, "All of the funds in the Foundation are used to empower women and youth entrepreneurs around the world to establish their own solar lighting businesses to create a sustainable income, encourage learning, and generate lasting social change."

To learn more about the WakaWaka company, their products and the Foundation, click HERE.


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