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Robert Andrews, Green Home Product Source Editor

*Update November 2014* Philips has expanded its innovative SlimStyle LED bulb line with a new, brighter model. Equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent, the new SlimStyle uses only 13 watts. These new 75-watt equivalent LED bulbs are slightly larger than the original SlimStyle, is rated at 25,000 hours, with an average operational cost of only $1.57 (11 cents/kWh). They are also Energy Star certified.

Philips is continuing in the tradition of its award-winning L Prize LED bulb with its introduction of the new SlimStyle LED bulb. The SlimStyle features a new, very different design style than every other LED bulb on the market currently; this new slim style design works to solve two LED problems: heat buildup and large price tags.

With this new product, Philips continues to lead the way in LED lighting technology for residential customers.

As prices continue to fall and performance improves, the day when LEDs will be the main type of light bulb found in the home gets a little bit closer.

Philips SlimStyle: Slim is In

One of the main issues confronting engineers with LED lighting is the LED circuitry's susceptibility to damage when exposed to heat; the same heat that the bulb gives off when turned on. All previous forms of LED light bulb have used some type of metal heat sink to dissipate heat. These add weight, bulk, and cost to the bulb.

The Philips SlimStyle LED bulb eliminates the need for these heat sinks by flattening the bulb itself, which gives it its distinct 'slim' appearance. This flattening gives the bulb much more surface area , allowing the LEDs to be more spaced out, thus allowing heat to dissipate easily.

By eliminating the heavy metal heat sinks, the SlimStyle is a very light (weight-wise) bulb, much closer to the weight of a traditional incandescent bulb. This makes the SlimStyle perfect for almost any lighting fixture or lamp you currently own.

Features of the Philips SlimStyle LED Light Bulb

Like all LED light bulbs, the Philips SlimStyle LED is very energy-efficient. Currently, the SlimStyle is available in a 60 watt equivalent bulb (giving off 800 lumens of soft white light) while using only 10.5 watts. That's an energy reduction of 82.5%. Brighter versions will hopefully be available in the future.

The SlimStyle is also long-lasting. Under normal operating conditions, it is rated for a 25,000 hour lifespan. That's a long time. It may never need to be replaced in your lifetime!

The Philips SlimStyle LED is also fully dimmable, and emits light omnidirectionally even though it looks like it wouldn't due to its 'flat' shape.

For true lighting afficionados, the Philips SlimStyle LED has a CRI rating of 80, and its color temperature is 2700K.

Also: Like all LED bulbs, the Philips SlimStyle contains no mercury or other toxic chemicals.

SlimStyle LED: A True Affordable Lighting Option

Another drawback to previous LED bulbs was their relatively high cost, typically well north of $30 or $40. Again, Philips breaks new ground in the field of LED lighting: the SlimStyle bulb has a retail price of only $9.95. A high-efficiency LED bulb of this quality for under $10 is unprecedented. While still costlier than incandescents or compact fluorescents (CFLs), it's important to remember that the extreme energy-efficiency of LED bulbs, as well as their very long lifespan, the buyer will end up with energy and replacement savings that are many times higher than the upfront cost of the bulb itself. LEDs pay for themselves quickly, then continue to save money and energy for years to come.

Philips estimates the energy savings over the life of a SlimStyle bulb, compared to a 60 watt incandescent, to be $136. That's a wise investment!

As of January 2014, the Philips SlimStyle LED is available only online through Home Depot HERE and in Home Depot retail locations starting in March 2014.

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