Panasonic WhisperGreen Vent Fan

Bathroom vent fans don't get much love, or attention of any kind. They're just THERE, doing their job. But as uninteresting as they may seem, bathroom vents perform an important job, and they also use power. The Panasonic WhisperGreen line of vent fans are high-performing fans that use a tiny amount of electricity.


The Importance of Vent Fans

Vent fans, used primarily in bathrooms, have the important job of removing excessive odors, moisture and condensation from the room, venting it outdoors.

Bathrooms, by their very nature, are home to lots of moisture, odors, and other possible pollutants that are better off outside. By venting moisture out of the bathroom, vent fans reduce the risk of damage caused by moisture buildup, including mold, mildew, condensation on windows (including frost), and peeling paint.

The Drawbacks of Most Bathroom Vent Fans

While even the cheapest bathroom vent fan will do an adequate job of removing moisture and odors, many of the most-used fan models have two major issues: noise and high energy usage.

Newer, more energy-efficient bathroom exhaust fans eliminate both of these issues. These fans, including the Panasonic WhisperGreen models, are very quiet while using significantly less energy.

Panasonic WhisperGreen: Energy Star Certified Efficiency

The federal Energy Star program includes a certification process for ventilation exhaust fans. This certification labels those fan models that are the most energy-efficient in the product category. The WhisperGreen line of exhaust fans exceed the most stringent Energy Star requirements. Panasonic rates their WhisperGreen models at a mere 7.5 watts. The WhisperGreen efficient design allows the fan to perform at a level that is up to 871% more efficient than current Energy Star standards!

These fans run continuously at a very low, nearly silent level, then ramp up when their switch is turned on (some models offer a motion sensor to automatically crank up the fan.)

The WhisperGreen's efficient DC motor is also very, very quiet, making the bathroom a more peaceful place to be.

Many Panasonic WhisperGreen fan models are available with a built-in light. To further the fan's energy efficiency, they incorporate LED lights.

Further Specifications of the Panasonic WhisperGreen

In addition to being extremely efficient and quiet, the Pansonic WhisperGreen fans have many other features that make them an excellent exhaust fan option. These include:

- Durable DC Motor: Rated for 60,000 hours (with a 6 year warranty)

- Double bar hangar for ease of installation

- Damper to prevent backdraft (reverse air flow )

- UL Listed for use in tub and shower enclosures

- Optional designer grill and radiation damper are available

- Fits in 2x8 construction

WhisperGreen: THE Exhaust Fan for Any Green Home Design

Many green homes are incorporating the Panasonic WhisperGreen exhaust fan into their design for their superior efficiency and high performance. In addition to their Energy Star rating, the WhisperGreen fans also comply with IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) standards, LEED for Homes, EarthCraft, CA Title 24, and WA Ventilation Code.

To learn more, visit the official Panasonic WhisperGreen Fan site.

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