Stramit CAFboard

Stramit CAFboard
Wallboard is one of the most-used products in every kind of residential construction. If a home has interior walls, some type of wallboard product is being used. How can such a widely-used material be made to take a smaller environmental toll? The most common wallboard materials, gypsum and wood, are natural products but are mined from the earth or harvested from unsustainably managed forests. Enter CAFboard by Stramfit, a wallboard product made from all-natural wheat straw, an agricultural waste product.

Wheat Straw: Natural and Sustainable

Stramit has developed CAFboard, short for Compressed Agricultural Fiber Board, which is a natural board product made from wheat straw leftover after wheat has been harvested. This wheat straw has traditionally been viewed as waste, and was burned or tilled. By finding new uses for this completely natural, renewable material, Stramit is creating a secondary cash crop for wheat farmers. By compressing this wheat straw, Stramit creates a wallboard that is a perfect sustainable alternative to traditional wallboard.

CAFboard in Green Homes

Green homes need to incorporate many different products and materials in order to achieve a high level of energy-efficiency and sustainability. Every single item in a home must be analyzed and choices made to ensure maximum performance.

Stramfit CAFboard 's wheat straw is a rapidly renewable, completely sustainable resource, with an extremely small carbon footprint. The fact that the wheat straw is typically burned off in the field means that its use by Stramit reduces carbon emissions even further, creating a product that is not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative.


Stramit CAFboard


The most earth-friendly wallboard material in the world isn't worth much if its performance doesn't hold up.

While CAFboard is a completely natural product that's healthier for homes, its performance is just as good as traditional materials. CAFboard performs just as 'regular' wallboard products such as particle board and foam-filled board without any of the chemicals and sustainability issues. Stramit CAFboard contains no petroleum by-products or toxic chemicals that can cause health problems in some individuals.

The Interior Uses of CAFboard

When used as a negative carbon substitute replacement for gypsum drywall, CAFboard performs just as well. It is superior in energy-efficiency performance, forming a sound and fire barrier without any chemicals.

Stramit CAFboard can also be used as a green substitute for wood, wood-composite, or foam board. Stramit's manufacturing process creates a rigid, thermo-set board product that matches these other products in performance and durability. CAFboard has been thorougly tested using ASTM for fire, thermal, and thermal performance. Again, all without the use of artificial chemicals or petroleum.

Using the remarkable natural properties of wheat straw previously viewed as agricultural waste, Stramit's CAFboard is a perfect solution for homeowners who want superior performance in their green home.

For more information, please visit the official Stramit website by clicking HERE.

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