Monster Cable GreenPower Surge Protectors

Our homes are increasingly filled with electronics that require an almost constant supply of electricity to keep them charged. What many don't know is that these products, and many others, use a tiny amount of power even when they're turned off. This is called phantom power, or vampire electricity. You can read more about it HERE. Monster, the company behind those overpriced audio and video cables, has a line of surge protectors with GreenPower technology, aimed at reducing this electricity usage.

We all need to do our part to lower our overall carbon output; Monster makes it just a little easier to do so.



Monster GreenPower: Protection and Savings

Where would we be without all of the gadgets and appliances that make our modern lives easier and, let's face it, much more entertaining? We're concerned about the environmental effects of using too much energy, but nobody's suggesting we go back to the Stone what do we do? Most of these electric devices require power even when they're turned off in 'stand-by mode.' This small amount of standby power, when you add up all the devices in your home that use it, then add that to every other house, adds up to a lot of power that's unnecessarily being used. You're paying the power company for energy that's not really needed.

There's lots of articles out there about phantom power, and how to reduce it. Most suggestions revolve around unplugging devices when they're not in use, or using a power strip with an on/off switch to kill the power to devices.... It's all good, sound advice, but with so many items around the house plugged in around the clock, it can be tedious to be always plugging and unplugging them. Enter the Monster line of GreenPower protectors. These rather ingenious little surge protectors not only protect your costly devices, they also go the extra mile and automatically shut the power off to them when they're not in use. All of a sudden, reducing energy use, saving money, and cutting your carbon footprint has never been easier.

How much energy are all these standby devices using? A lot. The annual cost to consumers for all this standby, phantom power runs on average between $50 and $80 a year, depending on local utility rates. With a Monster GreenPower surge protector, those annual average costs are reduced dramatically, to around $4 to $8 .

How Monster GreenPower Works

Monster GreenPower Surge Protector


Coffee makers, DVD players, video game consoles, computers, TVs....all of them, if they're plugged in, use a tiny amount of electricity, even when they're not in use. Unplugging them kills that power, but as mentioned, isn't always convenient. Monster GreenPower products do the work for you.

GreenPower surge protectors work like this: Each protector has several outlets to plug in devices. You plug in the main device (like a TV or stereo receiver) into the main green power outlet, then plug the other devices into the other outlets.

The GreenPower outlet monitors this main device, and when it detects it being turned off, it shuts down the power to all devices. This saves energy, cuts carbon emissions, and reduces your power bill. Effortlessly.


Surge Protection and More from Monster

Monster GreenPower surge protectors have many other features as well. The first of these, obviously, is surge protection. Electronics and other electrical items can be damaged from fluctuations in the power supply, up to and including powerful surges caused during storms.

Unlike standard surge protectors, Monster GreenPower protection provides several layers of defense against harmful surges and spikes. The Dual Mode Plus circuitry constantly monitors power conditions to not only block surges and spikes, but also disconnects all connected devices when a surge is present. After power is disconnected, Dual Mode Plus circuitry continues to monitor power conditions and automatically reconnects the power once a safe condition is reached.

Monster GreenPower Surge Protector

Most Monster surge protectors also offer CleanPower technology as well. Electrical devices can generate electromagnetic interference and radio frequency which pollutes the AC power in the home.

This noise pollution can affect the performance of electronics. Video will not be as crisp and jittery; audio will sound unclear and accurate to the point of even having noticeable levels of buzzing and noise. Patented HD CleanPower Circuitry filters out power pollutionby utilizing special filters to dramatically reduce electronic noise on your AC power line. You'll see a more vivid picture and hear more natural sound with increased dynamic range and less noise giving back the performance you never knew you lost.

By offering surge and spike protection, clean power, and the revolutionary GreenPower technology, Monster allows us to enjoy all our electronics to the fullest, and do our part to save the planet at the same time.

Monster offers a full line of GreenPower surge protectors.


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