Envirolet Composting Toilets

Envirolet Composting Toilet
Envirolet Composting Toilet
Composting toilets are one of the ultimate in green, water conservation products for the home, completely eliminating (or at least drastically reducing) water used for waste removal. For years, Envirolet has been at the forefront of composting toilet technology. For homeowners interested in off-grid living, or simply lowering their environmental impacts as much as possible, composting toilets are an excellent choice.

Envirolet has created a line of the most advanced composting toilets in the industry, incorporating many design features that make them the most efficient, easy-to-use, and (perhaps most importantly!) odor-free composting toilet systems available today.

Composting toilets are available in several different system styles, designed to fit any budget or location situation. Envirolet offers four system types that can be used in any green home design.


Envirolet Composting Toilet Systems

Envirolet Composting Toilets: Green Home Product Source
Envirolet Self-Contained System
Regardless of the size or location of your home, Envirolet has a composting toilet system solution . From remote cabins, yurts, and tiny homes to larger vacation or year-round homes, there is an Envirolet system to fit your needs exactly. Let's take a quick look at the four composting systems....

Envirolet Waterless Self-Contained System
For ground-level or basement installations, the Envirolet self-contained system contains the entire system in an "all in one" installation They are the simplest composting toilet system available, requiring no water or external plumbing, only a vent to the exterior.

Envirolet self-contained systems are made from very durable high-impact plastic. They are lightweight, easy to install, and easy to move when necessary. Self-contained systems are perfect for cottages, and off-grid locations where running water is not available. They can be left unused for long periods, and can be left in unheated locations since there is no water or pipes to freeze up.

An Envirolet self-contained compost system is a sanitary, odor-free, and simple to maintain waterless toilet option. They are capable of handling up to 8 people a day or more with occasional usage. They are also the most economical composting toilet option for green homeowners on a budget. T

Envirolet Waterless Remote System
A remote composting toilet system is ideal for homes built above ground or with access to a basement. They offer a more refined design, putting the "business end" of the composting system out of the bathroom, and out of view. By installing the composting unit below the bathroom, only a traditional-looking toilet stool is present in the bathroom. These toilet stools are available in a variety of colors, and come standard in white.

Envirolet Composting Toilets: Green Home Product Source
Envirolet Waterless Remote System

The main benefit of a remote system, in addition to the aesthetic improvement, is the ability to handle a much larger amount of waste. A remote system can handle 10 or more people per day, The remote composter is made of all-weather material, and can be installed in a basement or lower level indoors, or outside the home.

For year-round homes or families with several members, a remote system is a good choice. Powered remote systems have a switch in the bathroom to control the ventilation fan and heating systems (which accelerate the compostion process.) Envirolet waterless remote systems are available in non-electric, 12VDC battery and 120 VAC electric versions.

Envirolet Low Water Remote Systems
The Low Water remote system is very similar to the waterless remote system detailed above, with one obvious difference: the introduction of a low-flow water toilet to aid in waste removal. For homes with existing water plumbing, these may be an ideal choice. While they can't be considered 'waterless,' they do use very little water, much less than even the most efficient low-flush toilets available (as little as one pint, compared to 1.6 gallons per flush or more.)

The Envirolet low water remote system is also a good choice for larger homes. Up to 3 toilets can be connected to one remote composting unit. This means that even with several toilets, there's still only one composting sytem to maintain.

Since the low water remote system does use a small amount of water, it must be covered and well-insulated if it is installed outside.

Envirolet Flushsmart VF Composting Toilet Systems

Envirolet Composting Toilets: Green Home Product Source
Envirolet FlushSmart VF System

The FlushSmart VF system is the world's first vacuum-flush and composting combination system. By combining these two technologies into one system, it offers unsurpassed performance, sanitation, and location flexibility. The main difference between the FlushSmart VF system and virtually every other composting toilet system? The Envirolet FlushSmart doesn't require gravity. This allows both the toilet and the composting unit to be located virtually anywhere in the home, and in areas where conventional composting units simply can't be placed.

FlushSmart VF does require water, but not very much, only about 0.2 liters of water per vacuum flush. The FlushSmart VF can flush up to 70 feet, and up to 12 feet up (vertical flush).

The FlushSmart is a proven performer. The vacuum flush pulverizes and aerates waste, which creates a much shorter composting period when compared to other composting units.


Composting Toilets: The Water Saving Future of Toilets

We've grown quite accustomed as a global society to our convenient water-flush toilets; giving them up won't be easy, but it will be increasingly more important to turn to waterless waste solutions as potable water becomes a rarer, more valuable resource on our rapidly changing planet. Composting toilets may have a negative stigma among many people today who associate them with dirty, odorous outhouses. New technologies, such as those incorporated into Envirolet composting toilets, have transformed them into odor-free, easy to maintain units that, instead of flushing our waste away in valuable water, turn it into a clean, dry, odorless compost material that can be used as fertilizer outside.

To learn more, visit the Envirolet website.

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