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Robert Andrews, Green Home Product Source

We live in a nearly fully-computerized world. All of this data, massive amounts of it, requires computer servers. Lots of them. And as more and more of our data is stored in the cloud, the number of servers is only going to continue to skyrocket. The dirty little secret about computer servers is that they require a lot of power, and they generate a lot of heat. A new company, Nerdalize, has come up with a way to continue adding server power to the grid and heat residential homes, by locating cloud servers not in huge server farms, but in our homes.

Nerdalize: Server Heat for the Public

The facts are clear: We need a constantly growing number of computer servers to run our digital world; these servers produce heat; residential homes need heat. Nerdalize had a brilliant idea: Instead of putting all these servers in centralized locations, where all the heat requires an enormous amount of air conditioning to keep them cool, distribute them to homes and other decentralized locations where their heat can be used productively?

Nerdalize - The future looks warm and bright! from Nerdalize on Vimeo.

Let’s face it: We’re almost completely reliant on the digital infrastructure that hosts websites and processes billions of tasks every second of every day. We’re not going back to the pre-computer age anytime soon, barring some enormous disruption to our power and computer grids. Right now, all the heat generated by data servers, and the air conditioning required to cool them, is pure energy waste. Nerdalize realizes that with cloud computing, all these servers don’t need to be all in one location anymore, and the wasted energy servers produce can be put to good use. It takes the electricity that servers need and uses it twice; once for the server and once for home heating.

Based in the Netherlands, where it can get pretty cold, Nerdalize puts these servers right in customers’ homes, where they heat they generate can be used to heat the home. It’s a rather elegant idea.

Nerdalize has created the ‘eRadiator’ server, which heats homes, and provides data server power to companies via the distributed cloud at a lower cost. Because the servers are decentralized, and their heat is actually useful, the costs associated with typical data centers (and their sky-high cooling costs) is eliminated. Nerdalize claims their eRadiator servers’ cost-per-job is up to 55% lower than other cloud server providers.

And while it’s providing free home heat, the Neralize eRadiator is designed to be completely safe for the home, and look nice as well.

Sustainable Heat from a Necessary Source

The heat from Nerdalize’s eRadiators is considered by the company to be sustainable since the heat they produce is replacing other heating sources such as gas, electricity, and wood. The power required to power them is completely covered by Nerdalize, making the heat free to homeowners.

Nerdalize is currently testing eRadiators in homes in the Netherlands. Once the testing process is completed, they will begin the rollout to the public.

At Green Home Source, we’re always looking for new, clean ways to sustainably heat and cool our homes. We also are completely reliant on computers and the internets’ infrastructure to exist. Nerdalize takes the the two and puts them together, allowing customers to heat their homes with the internet! We look forward to following their progress as the eRadiator becomes a reality. It’s a win-win product: A win for companies looking for lower computing costs, and a win for customers who want to lower their heating costs and switch to a more sustainable form of energy.

Find out more about the Nerdalize eRadiator at the website HERE.

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