Clay Roof Tiles - From US Tile

US TIle is a leader in clay roofing tile design and manufacture. Based in Corona, California since 1973, U.S. TIle is inspired by the natural beauty of old-world European architecture, and committed to environmental sustainability through the use of all-natural clay products.

US TIle: Your Source for Any Clay Roofing Needs

Combining the time-tested process of kiln-fired clay with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, US Tile offers a wide range of clay roofing tiles to meet the needs of today's homebuilder; that includes energy-efficient green homes. Their experience and expertise has made U.S. Tile the leading manufacturer and seller of clay roofing tiles in the U.S.

The Environmental Benefits of U.S. Tile Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roofing tiles are considered earth-friendly for a number of reasons: clay is a widely available natural product and is completely recyclable; clay tiles are durable and can last for many decades; they offer effective protection from heat gain through the roof.

Clay roof tiles from US Tile have all of these attributes, then take things a step or two forward. Over 80% of their standard colored tiles are Energy Star compliant due to their high rates of solar reflectivity. These reflective qualities also qualify them as CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) Cool Roof products. Over 75% of their tile products have a SRI rating of 29 or greater to qualify them for LEED certification.

US Tile clay roof tiles are not only made from completely natural clay, they also contain recycled clay product content of up to 59%. This recycled clay is mostly reclaimed waste product from manufacturing and mining operations.

US Tile is the first clay roof tile manufacturer in the world to be Cradle to Cradle certified for all of their U.S.-manufactured products. This certification gives customers the assurance that all US Tile clay roof tiles are truly sustainable and won't cause any environmental harm during, or after, their life cycle.

Clay roofing tiles can be quite heavy, making them unsuitable in some home and roof designs. US Tile offers true lightweight tile options, the ClayLite and ClayMax product lines. These clay tiles can be used without the need for structural reinforcement while still providing the benefits and appearance only natural clay can provide.

Creating a Beautiful, Natural Roof with US Tile Clay Roof Tiles

US Tile creates clay tiles of exceptional beauty and quality. They offer a wide range of vibrant, natural colors, in a number of designs. Their traditional mission tile allows for a range of installation options, including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns, and more.

Because US Tiles are made of durable all-natural materials, they will hold their color, and not fade over time. They are also Class A rated for fire resistance, and will not burn.

Warranties and Other Stuff

Installed and maintained properly, clay roofing tiles from U.S. Tile will quite literally las a lifetime. U.S. Tile covers all of their products with a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty which includes 20 years of no-fade coverage and 10 years of labor coverage.

Visit US Tile's website at to see their complete line of clay roofing tiles and to learn more about incorporating them into your green home design.

Visit the official U.S. Tiles website.

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