Broan Attic Fan - A Solar Solution

The proper ventilation of attic space is critical to a home's overall energy efficiency, but is often overlooked as a source of energy savings. Air inside an attic can easily reach 150 degrees or more during the summer; this hot air increases the load on the home's air conditioner.

Proper ventilation can lower attic temperatures up to 60 degrees F, greatly lowering energy usage and costs. Stagnant air can also allow moisture to build up, which can lead to mold and other issues; ventilation keeps the attic cooler and drier, reducing moisture levels as well as temperatures.

Attic ventilation is achieved through the use of various types of attic vents, which allow for the exchange of stagnant interior air with fresh air from outside. See our article on Attic Ventilation for more background data.

Some homes can benefit from the added ventilation performance of a powered attic fan to ventilate the super-heated air buildup in an attic. Powered by electricity, powered attic fans have a few drawbacks: they obviously use more energy than a passive non-motorized attic vent; they can emit harmonic noise which can sometimes be heard throughout the home; they are connected to a thermostat and kick on when the attic space reaches a certain temperature, and are not designed for constant usage.

A newer alternative to the traditional electric attic fan is the solar-powered attic ventilator. A solar powered attic fan has the distinct advantage of requiring no electrical wiring, and no external power, to run. This saves energy costs over time, as the power of the sun is a 100% free energy source.

The Broan Attic Fans - Their Line Of Solar Attic Ventilators

Broan, a trusted name in residential and commercial ventilation, has introduced an innovative line of solar-powered attic ventilators. The Broan attic fans and each 20 watts and are designed to efficiently do the job of two lower watt models, reducing cost and reducing the number of penetrations in the home's roof.

The Broan Attic Fans - The Solar Advantage

The Solar line of Broan attic fans are designed to turn on at dawn's first light, and run continually. This helps eliminate moisture in the attic that builds up during the cooler overnight hours, and prevents heat buildup before it has a chance to reach too high a temperature. Standard powered attic fans have to reach a certain temperature before they turn on; by this time moisture has already had a chance to start working its way into walls and insulation, and high temperatures are already requiring increased air conditioning.

Broan's 20 watt solar panel technology efficiently captures sunlight even on overcast days, from dawn to dusk.Their superior efficiency allows them to be mounted on any roof angle, without the need to angle the panel, which can create an obtrusive appearance on the roof. A variable voltage motor automatically adjusts the fan's speed based on available sunlight.

The 20 watt power allows one Broan attic fans to easily ventilate up to 1600 square feet of attic space.

Broan solar attic ventilators are built to save you energy, and are built to last with quality parts and engineering, including:

Broan offers their solar-attic ventilators in several styles: Surface mount, curb mount, gable mount, and remote mount (which allows the fan to be mounted away from the solar panel). Their low 7.5" profile integrates well with shingles and other roofing materials. All models are available in black, brown or weathered wood finishes and come with a limited 5-year warranty.

Solar Energy Tax Credit

Solar attic ventilators from Broan qualify for a 30% federal tax credit through 2016, making their use even more affordable. For more information, see our article on Energy Tax Credits here.

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