Superior Walls Foundation Systems

Superior Walls Foundation Systems

Foundations are the "Charlie Brown" of home construction: they get very little attention, even though they are, like their name implies, the very foundation of the entire home. Superior Walls foundation systems are a unique product designed to make any home's foundation strong, safe, dry, and very energy-efficient.

Benefits of Superior Walls

Many homes' foundations are simply concrete walls, poured on-site and uninsulated. This technique is time-intensive and leads to higher energy usage once the home is lived in. Superior Walls offers a foundation solution that is faster to install, and provides comfort and energy savings for the life of the structure.

A home built with the Superior Walls foundation system has several advantages over traditional foundations. Among these are the aforementioned lower energy costs and quicker construction, as well as excellent durability, more design flexibility, and pre-drilled holes for wiring and plumbing. All of these add up to a cost-effective foundation solution that will increase the homes' value.

Green Advantages of Superior Walls Foundation Systems

Superior Walls Foundation Systems

From a green home perspective, Superior Walls foundations also make sense. Uninsulated foundation walls contribute to a large amount of energy being wasted in the typical home (almost a third of it!.)

- Increased Energy Efficiency: By using insulated concrete foundation panels, much of this energy loss is eliminated. The concrete Superior Wall Panels have a continuous layer of Dow foam insulation bonded to it to drastically increase the efficiency of the wall. Depending on the Superior Walls product used, R values range from R-5 all the way up to R-12.5. The wall panels have interior stud facings built-in, ready for drywalling.

This foam insulation minimizes thermal transfer and energy leakage through the wall, and the pre-studded panels are deeper than normal stud walls, allowing for extra insulation to be installed on the interior of the wall, potentially all the way up to an amazing R-50 value.

Improved Air Quality: The concrete used in the pre-cast Superior Walls panels is created with a lower water-to-cement ratio than regular concrete. This increases the durability of the foundation wall and prevents moisture from penetrating into the home.This reduces or eliminates mold and fungus growth, problems associated with damp basements. A dry basement is a healthier basement.

- No On-Site Waste or Soil Contamination: By creating the Superior Walls concrete foundation panels in a controlled manufacturing facility off-site, the environmental impact to the site is eliminated, as is nearly all on-site construction waste normally associated with pouring concrete foundations and building in studs.

The contamination of the sites' soil is also eliminated. Form oil sprayed on traditional concrete foundations can easily leak into the soil, damaging plants and potentially harming water sources. Dampproofing is built in to Superior Walls panels, which means that there is no onsite spraying or bituminous coatings applied at the build site.

Superior Walls Foundation Systems

Superior Walls: Green Building Certification: Using Superior Walls concrete foundation systems in a new home construction adds significantly to the homes' overalll energy-efficiency performance. Superior Walls products are Energy Star certified for their energy-saving attributes. Their use also earns points towards a NAHB Green Building Certification.

Green Home Source and its parent company GenOne Architectural Group have designed homes using the Superior Walls foundation system as part of an overall focus on efficiency and sustainability.

To learn more about Superior Walls, visit their website by clicking HERE.

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