Helpful Home Composting Products

Composting kitchen food scraps and other organic matter around the home is a wonderful way to lighten your household's environmental impacts. Composting this organic matter turns it into an all-natural material rich in nutrients, perfect for adding to gardens and lawns. Better yet, composting keeps this waste out of landfills or waste water treatment plants, where it doesn't do anybody any good. Composting helps your family live more in harmony with the cycles of the natural world. For home composters, there are some items that make the job even easier than it already is!

Greencycler Kitchen Pre-Composter

The Greencycler Kitchen Pre-Composter is a wonderful little countertop contraption invented by a composting mom-at-home as a way to not only conveniently store food scraps before they're sent out to the composter, but also to grind up that waste into a fraction of its original size. Doing so speeds up the composting process, turning waste into useful, nutritious compost in no time.

Shredding kitchen waste is important to the composting process; by grinding up large pieces of waste into lots of tiny little pieces gives the beneficial organisms in the compost pile much more area to chow down on. These organisms do all the work turning scraps into compost; shredding those scraps gives them a huge head start. Think of eating your own food: It's much easier to digest what you eat when it's chewed up in the mouth first, rather than swallowing everything whole! The Greencycler is the 'Mouth' of the kitchen composting process.

Some of the benefits of the Greencycler are:

- Attractive: The Greencycler unit is attractively designed to complement your kitchen decor.

- Easy to Clean:The Greencycler utilizes a self-contained, removable stainless-steel blade cartridge which makes cleaning super simple and quick.

- Hand-Cranked: Greencycler uses a dual-direction, hand-cranked grinding action to really chop up scraps fast, without the use of any electricity. It's eco-friendly!

- Easy to Use: It features a clear, removable lid that lets you see what you're doing.

- Stays in Place: Power suction cups anchor the Greencycler to the counter to keep it in place while you grind away.

-Convenient Storage of Waste: Ground waste can remain in the Greencycler until it's full without unwanted odors.Micro-ventilators circulate air into the Greencycler to reduce odor causing bacteria at bay.

Using the Greencycler Kitchen Pre-Composter makes your food waste the perfect size for any composting unit, including ever-popular worm bins. Pre-grinding scraps will accelerate the composting process and turn waste into compost up to 10 times faster, and with much less compost maintenance (such as turning waste in the bin).

The Greencycler can be purchased through Amazon HERE.