Haiku Ceiling Fan

Haiku Ceiling Fan by Badass Fans

Ceiling fans are a time-tested and energy-efficient way to cool a house during the warm summer months. They're also a great way to improve a HVAC system's efficiency by keeping air circulating throughout the home. The beautiful Haiku ceiling fan from Big Ass Fan makes a distinctive statement while it works to keep your energy bills down.

Haiku: Efficient Performance

The Haiku is as energy efficient as it is unique. It has been Energy Star-rated as the most efficient ceiling fan on the market. Its' Sensorless Drive Technology gives the Haiku an 80% improvement in energy usage compared to traditional ceiling fan technology.

By operating with only 2 to 30 watts (depending on the speed setting), the Hauki fan costs less than $5 a year to operate. This extremely efficient fan surpasses the already stringent Energy Star requirements by 450 to 750%.

Mimicking the Wind

The Haiku fan features a unique "Whoosh" setting that, instead of a steady air circulation, mimics the subtle variations of natural air flow, creating a comfortable setting for homeowners.

Haiku Ceiling Fan

Haiku: A Study in Sustainability

The efficient use of energy is a hallmark of any green product; the use of sustainable materials is another. The Haiku features both. In addition to its cutting-edge efficiency, the Haiku is made from extremely sustainable bamboo. The handcrafted blades are made from Moso bamboo, a strong, beautiful and rapidly renewing natural product. The bamboo is harvested from 70-foot tall bamboo plants; these hardy plants regrow after each cutting, reaching their original height after five years.

Once harvested, the bamboo is planed by hand, dried in a kiln, then coated in a solvent-free finish that highlights the beautiful natural grain of the bamboo.

The Haiku fan provides useful, energy efficient air circulation for any green home. The distinctive bamboo blades add beauty to any decor, and any room of the house. The Haiku is UL rated for use in damp locations.

For more information, visit the Haiku home page.

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