Orison Plug-and-Play Home Battery System

Orison Plug-and-Play Home Battery

We are rapidly entering a new era of home energy, first with the super-popular Tesla PowerWall System, and now with a remarkable new plug-and-play home battery system from Orison.

Backup Power, Lower Energy Costs

Orison is a new company with an exciting new home battery system that can be used in conjunction with solar panels or any other power source. These new home batteries, designed to be completely plug-and-play, are simple to use, relatively inexpensive, and can be used to power a home with reneable energy sources (solar or wind) or as a backup power source.

With renewable energy becoming more affordable all the time, more homes are adding solar panels or wind turbines to power some or all of its power. Orison realizes this, and is poised to revolutionize home energy with these new batteries.

How the Orison Plug-and-Play Home Battery System Works

Orison Tower Home Battery

The days of the "hippies living off the grid" image of home energy storage are over. Orison's new plug-and-play home batteries .

Orison's batteries come in two similar, yet very different, models. Both store energy to be used at a later time, whether it's off-peak renewable hours, or during a blackout or other interruption from the power grid.

The Orison Panel is a 38 pound wall-hanging panel (22" x 28" x 2.5") with a variety of 'skins' that can be used to match it to a room's decor.

The other Orison model is the Tower, a free-standing unit, that stands 34 inches high and weighs 40 pounds. The Orison Tower features a bluetooth speaker, induction phone charger and LED light.

Both models feature state-of-the-art lithium-ion 2.2 kWh batteries that come with a 10 year/5,000 cycle warranty. The Tower and the Panels can be used in conjunction with each other to provide a flexible custom-fit energy profile. Each individual unit supplies up to 1.8 kW of continuous power, and 3.5 kW of peak power.


Orison Batteries: Take Control of Your Power

Most homes use most of their energy in the mornings and at night. Unfortunately, solar energy is most readily available during the day. Many solar panel installations today don't incorporate a battery system for storage, which requires the home to be connected to the grid. With this type of setup, the solar panels collect energy during the day, which is sold to the utility company; the home then buys back power from the grid in the evenings when it's needed. It's a good system, but it's not perfect.

Orison's plug-and-play batteries solve this 'energy gap' in another way, by eliminating the need for transferring power back and forth from the home to grid. Its battery pack stores the solar (or wind) energy onsite for when it's needed. Again, it works like regular solar power batteries but with a simple, elegant and powerful design.

Or, for homes without solar or wind, the Orison plug-and-play batteries can be used to lower traditional electricity bills. They do this by charging up during off-peak hours when power is cheaper (typically the middle of the night), then supplement the grid-supplied power with their battery power during peak hours when power is more expensive, thus reducing overall energy costs.

During emergency power outages, the Orison batteries can be used to power lights, refrigerators, and other necessary electrical devices without interruption.

Orison Battery Power: Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Orison Panel Home Battery

Traditional home battery storage systems require professional installation, which is time-consuming and expensive. Not the Orison batteries; simply put them where you want them, then plug them into an outlet. That's it.

The Tesla PowerWall battery is available in 10 kWh or 7 kWh daily cycle models. Both models have the cpacity to power an entire home during peak hours. For homes or businesses with larger energy needs, the PowerWall packs can be installed in multiples for added capacity.

The Orison batteries also contain software and controls to make their operation even simpler. They can operate automatically or programmed to charge/discharge at any time. An available smartphone app makes operating them possible from anywhere. The units are also linked to Orison's cloud-based network. According to the company,


"This integrated network uses data including utility rates, peak demand charges, weather, blackout alerts, your usage profile, and more to determine the optimal operating schedule for your device. The Orison Cloud also works collectively to make the energy grid as a whole exponentially more efficient—capable of handling the growing influx of intermittent renewable energy, without the high cost of infrastructure entailed by other solutions."

During a power outage, the Orison battery works without the need to install a separate circuit.

"During grid disruptions, Orison isolates the circuit it is plugged into to ensure all of your stored energy is available for your use and none is sent back to the grid. No wiring modification is required."

Orison on Kickstarter

The Orison company has a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the Orison home batteries. They have already well exceeded their initial funding level, so it's a good bet the batteries will see a commercial release.

For those interested in investing through Kickstarter, you can visit the Orison page HERE. Funders can obtain the Tower battery for a pledge of $1400, and the Panel for $1500. If and when they become commercially available, prices will probably be subject to change.

As mentioned previously, the Orison Tower and Panel home batteries are more affordable options, and simpler to use, than pretty much any other home battery storage system out there today. But that doesn't mean they're cheap. Whether or not they're a good choice for your particular home is a difficult and personal question. The technology is brand-new, and is therefore expensive. As home batteries become more mainstreamed, costs will eventually drop (as they do with all high-tech products.) Orison has an ENERGY CALCULATOR that can help homeowners determine whether the home batteries are cost effective or not. But for early adaptors, they are an exciting new development! Visit the Orison website for more information.




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