The Old-Fashioned Light Bulb Look with LED Bulbs

A recent trend in light bulbs is the use of bulbs that look like old-fashioned light bulbs from the dawn of the incandescent bulb. Their warm, old timey glow is very attractive; what's not attractive is that until now these bulbs used the same huge amount of electricity as their ancestors.

Whether they're used as decorative lighting in the home or in a commercial setting like a restaurant, these steampunk light bulbs look cool. There's no argument about that. However, as we necessarily become more concerned about using less energy, and begin switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs, these old-fashioned light bulbs are real energy-hogging dinosaurs. Edison Light Globes has introduced a new line of gorgeous LED light bulbs that recreate the warm glow of old-fashioned bulbs with the energy-efficiency of new LED lighting technology.

New Light, Old-Fashioned Light with Edison Globes

We're not sure how they've done it, but Edison Light Globes has found a way to replicate not just the shape of the old-fashioned glass light bulb itself, but have created a filament that looks just like the glowing filament of a retro incandescent bulb, but uses LED technology to be much more efficient. It's really an incredible feat.

Edison Light Globes: Warm Vintage Light

As we mentioned, the use of retro light bulbs has taken off due to their incredibly warm, inviting glow. The new Edison Globe LED bulbs totally recreate that warmth. Their light output is rated at 2200 Kelvin, at the very end of the light warmth scale. Normal soft glow incandescent bulbs are 2700 K, so these Edison bulbs really are off the charts with their warmth. The lack of warmth is something that many people have found lacking in energy-efficient light bulbs, especially compact fluorescents. New LED bulbs are very good are recreating the warmth of incandescent light, and these new Edison Globes simply take them to the next level.

Edison Globes LED Bulbs: Saving Money, Saving Energy

Traditional incandescent vintage bulbs don't use a ton of energy, since early light bulbs weren't able to burn very bright, so their wattage was lower. Most retro light bulbs use around 45 watts, which for incandescents isn't a lot, but compared to led or cfl bulbs is too high. The new Edison Globe LED bulbs look great but use only 5 watts per bulb to put out the same amount of light as a 45 watt incandescent. Those are impressive energy savings. The fact that LED bulbs last literally for decades makes them money-saving as well.

Because these types of old-fashioned bulbs are typically used for decorative purposes, their relative lack of brightness isn't an issue. These will save a lot of energy, and a lot of money, for any home or business looking to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere . These bulbs aren't cheap, around $35 to $40 per bulb, but their energy savings will recoup that investment, and much more, over their long life. Hipsters, steampunk afficionados, and anybody else who just loves the glow of a vintage bulb, this new product line is a very exciting development. Thomas Edison himself would be proud of these beautiful, efficient bulbs.

For more information, visit the official Edison Light Globes LED website.


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