Save Water Easily with the Niagara Toilet Tank Bag

Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bag

Robert Andrews, Green Home Product Source

Toilets are one of the biggest users of water in any house; switching out older toilets to newer, water-saving toilets (like THIS ONE) saves lots of water and money, but the high up-front costs can be prohibitive to some. An easier, and much cheaper, way to save money every time you flush is to install a Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bag.

Conventional toilets use a lot of water to do their job; it's not unusual for older toilets to use between 4 to 6 gallons per flush, and sometimes even more. Water-conserving toilets use much less water, typically around 1.25 gallons per flush, and sometimes much less.

Homeowners may not want, or may not be able, to drop at least $100 (often much more) on a newer toilet. And that's not to mention the work involved with ripping out an old toilet and installing a new one.


Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bag: An Easy Solution to Save Water

Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bag

The Niagara Conservation company, a leader in water-saving home products, has a simple solution in their Toilet Tank Bag. This inexpensive little device (which goes for about $5 on Amazon) couldn't be more easy to use; simply fill the durable vinyl bag with water, and place it in your toilet's tank with the supplied hook. This water-filled bag displaces a good chunk of the water that's normally used to flush the toilet. How much water does it save? About 0.8 gallons per flush. That's almost a gallon of water saved, every single time the toilet gets flushed. Add up the total number of flushes your home goes through every year, and the savings add up quickly.

The Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bag works better than the conventional recommendation for saving water, that of placing a brick in the tank. Bricks save water too, but not as much as this bag. Also, the Niagara Tank Bag doesn't break down in the tank like a brick, where the little pieces of brick can affect the toilet's performance or clog up pipes.

The Niagara Toilet Tank Bag is recommended for use in toilets that use 3 gallons per flush or more, but can be used in water-saving tanks to conserve even more water.

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