Whirlpool WRT359SFY and WRT351SFY Refrigerators

Refrigerators are the biggest user of electricity in the average home; they run nonstop, night and day. Whether you're purchasing a refrigerator for a new green home, or replacing an older, less-efficient fridge, choosing the most efficient model possible will save a great deal on energy and money.

Luckily, Whirlpool has made saving energy and money easier than ever with the industry's most energy-efficient top freezer refrigerator available, the WRT351SFY and WRT359SFY. Both models have similar features; the WRT359 is a 19 cubic foot model, and the WRT351SFY is a 21.1 cubic foot version. They are classified as 'large refrigerators', and are typical of refrigerator sizes in an average home.

State of the Art Efficiency

Both of these Whirlpool models are super-efficient. They begin by being Energy Star qualified, but they don't stop there. These two models are more energy-efficient than the federal minimum standard by more than 30%, earning then a CEE Tier 3 rating; this is the highest level of efficiency rated by Energy Star.

These two Whirlpool models are the most-efficient of the most-efficient. The WRT359SFY model uses just 345 kWh/year. Over 12 years, it will save the owner 1788 kWh of energy. That's a lot of coal that doesn't need to be burned, and a lot of money not needed to pay for it! It's annual operating cost is approximately $38.

The larger WRT351SFY operates on just 364 kWh/year, saving 1872 kWh over 12 years. It will cost approximately $40.37 per year to run.

To put the energy-efficiency of these two refrigerators another way, they both use less energy each year than a 40 watt light bulb.

Whirlpool Features

These Whirlpool models have freezers on top, which is typically the most efficient type of refrigerator. They do not have automatic ice makers or water/ice dispensers, but that's OK because these two features can greatly increase the energy usage of any refrigerator.

They do, however, have many other convenient features. Some of these include:

- Full-width pantry to hold large amounts of meats and cheese; the largest capacity pantry door available.

- Condiment Caddy: This door bin is removable with a carrying handle for easy transfer of condiments or other items from the fridge to the table.

- SpillMizer Glass Shelves: Contain leaks and spills for easy cleanup. Because there will be leaks and spills.

- FreshFlow Produce Preserver: Keeps fruits and veggies fresher longer; up to 25% longer than normal crisper bins.

-Adjustable Door Bins: Easily customizable door storage with clear bins.

-Fully automatic defrost.

-Contemporary Design: A modern look will compliment any kitchen's decor. Smooth, contoured doors, hidden hinges, and a flush base grill. Both models are available in white, black, stainless steel, and monochromatic stainless steel. These are attractive refrigerators.

Whirlpool For Your Green Home

Here at Green Home Source, our number one criteria for any appliance is energy-efficiency. The less energy we all use, the less pollution is put into the environment. The Whirlpool WRT351SFY and WRT359SFY refrigerators, the most energy-efficient available today, are excellent choices if you're looking for a model in the 19 to 21 cubic foot range.

You can visit the Whirlpool Refrigerator website by clicking HERE.


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