Progessive Foam Halfback H2O Siding Insulation

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Halfback H2O Siding Insulation: Added Protection & Energy Savings

Halfback H2O siding insulation is a unique insulation product designed for use with any type of home siding: vinyl, brick, fiber cement, wood, and more. Halfback works with the home's siding to add durability, protection, moisture management, and energy-efficiency.

Energy Savings

Every home needs insulation to keep heated and cooled air where it belongs, inside the home, and to keep the extreme outdoor temperatures out. Insulation is typically added to a home's walls on the interior side, which can lead the wall to the susceptibility of thermal bridging.

Wood studs and other framing elements in the wall allow energy to leak from the interior directly through to the home's exterior. This 'bridge' allows a great deal of energy to get through the wall's insulation. Since up to 25% of a wall's surface is studs, if they go uninsulated it's equal to having one entire side of your home open to the elements!

Progressive Foam's Halfback H2O siding insulation helps to control thermal bridging by placing a beneficial insulating layer on the home's exterior, over studs, effectively cutting off this source of energy loss.

Progressive Foam halfback Siding InsulationProgressive Foam halfback Siding Insulation

Increased Durability with Progressive Foam Halfback H2O

Adding the protective layer of Progressive Foam Halfback H2O under the home's siding also adds a factor of durability. Halfback H2O contains Preventol, a systemic insecticide that protects the product from termite damage, a leading cause of structural damage in homes. Preventol is a widely-used, safe product used on crops as well as in topical flea and tick treatments for pets.

Halfback H2O insulation also protects the home from moisture damage. It allows the home to 'breathe;' moisture from the interior easily passes through to the outside, reducing the occurence of mold and mildew, common causes of unhealthy indoor air. Halfback H2O insulation allows the home to breath while still providing a tight envelope for energy-efficiency.

Halfback H2O Siding Insulation also has moisture management grooves to channel condensed water vapor or rain down the wall and safely out the bottom. The wall is able to dry out, further eliminating any potential water damage.

Halfback H20 Premium

For even greater efficiency, Progressive Foam offers Premium Halfback H2O . With all the benefits of the Halfback H2O line, it adds Neopor from BASF for higher performance. Neopor contains high-purity graphite particles. These particles reflect the sun's radiant heat away from the home, which improves the insulation's ability to reduce energy usage with the same amount of insulating material.

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