Tesla PowerWall Home Battery System

Tesla PowerWall

After much anticipation, Tesla founder Elon Musk has introduced the Tesla PowerWall Home Battery, designed to work with solar or wind power to provide energy to the home or business during peak energy loads.

Tesla: A Battery Company, Not a Car Maker

Tesla has become the world leader in electric car design and technology, but is now poised to transform the way we power our homes and businesses with the new PowerWall system.

With renewable energy becoming more affordable all the time, more homes are adding solar panels or wind turbines to power some or all of its power. Tesla wants to revolutionize home energy the way its leading automobile technology into the 21st century with its PowerWall battery by making renewable energy even more efficient and useful.

How the Tesla PowerWall Battery Works

Tesla PowerWall

Tesla PowerWall is a battery pack installed in the home that is charged with power from solar panels or even from the traditional utility grid when rates are low. PowerWall then uses that stored energy to power the home during the evening hours, when sunlight isn't available and when home energy usage is at its highest.

PowerWall is also useful during power outages, keeping the home powered even when grid power isn't available.

Previous solar storage batteries were cumbersome and difficult to maintain. PowerWall is designed to be automatic, compact, and simple to use for any homeowner.


PowerWall: Energy Independence and Energy Backup Security

Most homes use most of their energy in the mornings and at night. Unfortunately, solar energy is most readily available during the day. Many solar panel installations today don't incorporate a battery system for storage, which requires the home to be connected to the grid. With this type of setup, the solar panels collect energy during the day, which is sold to the utility company; the home then buys back power from the grid in the evenings when it's needed. It's a good system, but it's not perfect.

The Tesla PowerWall battery solves this 'energy gap' in another way, by eliminating the need for transferring power back and forth from the home to grid. Its battery pack stores the solar (or wind) energy onsite for when it's needed. Again, it works like regular solar power batteries but with a simple, elegant and powerful design.

Tesla Battery Power: From Car to Home Capacity

Tesla PowerWall

Tesla has taken its powerful lithium-ion battery technology from the car and transfers it, in a larger format, to the home. Just like their car batteries, the PowerWall system is proven, efficient, affordable, easily-installed, and maintenance-free.

The Tesla PowerWall battery is available in 10 kWh or 7 kWh daily cycle models. Both models have the cpacity to power an entire home during peak hours. For homes or businesses with larger energy needs, the PowerWall packs can be installed in multiples for added capacity.

Tesla PowerWall Specifications

Tesla PowerWall: Coming Soon!

The PowerWall battery isn't just a concept or prototype; it's here and it's ready to go.

The Tesla website is currently taking reservations for the PowerWall, with expected availabilty in summer 2015.

To learn more about the revolutionary new Tesla PowerWall battery, visit Tesla's website HERE.


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