Reduce and Reuse in Style with Kerflight Lamps

Kerflights by Graypants

Graypants, a Seattle-based design studio, has introduced a stunning lighting line they’re calling Kerflight. The Kerflight and its sustainable design make them the perfect choice for lighting your green home.

Kerflight: Beautiful Reuse

Kerflights by Graypants

Graypants has created the Kerflight line as a way to reuse and recycle the corrugated cardboard left over from their various projects. By using (or reusing, really) recycled cardboard for these kerf-cut shades, Graypants is keeping an enormous amount of material out of the waste stream. Supported by powder coated steel frames, the Kerflight is an almost completely recyclable product once it reaches the end of its life span. Though why anyone would ever want to get rid of such a beautifully designed lamp in the first place is beyond us.

Kerflights: Variety in Style and Color

Kerflights by Graypants

The Kerflight recycled corrugated cardboard lamps are available in a variety of styles: wall sconces, table lamps, and pendants. The kerf-cut shades come in five distinct shapes and are available in a number of bold colors including black, white, and a stunning orange-red. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Kerflight shades is the fact that the shade panels themselves are reversible. Simply by reversing the shade, you can change the look of an entire room.


Handcrafted Style by Graypants

Kerflights by Graypants

The handcrafted design style makes each Kerflight unique; the powder coated steel frames form the foundation for each distinct lamp. The kerf-cut shades on each Kerflight cast captivating patterns of light onto walls, tables, and other surfaces. The reversible and interchangeable shades allow homeowners to completely customize the look of their lamps, and experiment with different shapes and colors.


By combining the low-impact sustainability of the recycled Kerflight shade with a super-efficient LED (like the Cree) or compact fluorescent light bulb, you can create a lamp with unique style that treads very lightly on the planet.

The Kerflight by Graypants Kerflight by Graypants Kerflight Table Lamp Kerflight Shades Made with Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Kerflight Models The Kerflight Line by Graypants

Learn more about the Kerflight by Graypants.


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